Coming to the end of the Wheel of the Year…

wheel-of-the-yearAlthough today can be quite a solemn sabbat, it’s healthy to keep a pleasant mindset. For those of you who don’t know, Samhain is the sabbat celebrating death and thus new beginnings; it can be a time to remember those who were close to us whom have recently passed away into whatever afterlife (or none) that you personally believe in whether it be the Summerlands, reincarnation, Valhalla or any other spiritual passing.

For me today, I ┬áchose not to do a ritual but instead to enjoy a meal with some close family and to respect in thoughts Nanny and other members of my family who are no longer with us. I miss them each and every day. It’s difficult at first when someone close to you passes on, you can’t seem to be able to even contemplate being without them – with time this feeling gets weaker, not because you don’t love them any more but because you know they loved you and wouldn’t want you to be grieving for them, they would only ever want the best for you and that you would be happy.

I’ve found that it still hasn’t stopped hurting. It’s affected my blog quite badly and I don’t really seem to feel like me any more. I know I’ll get better, I can feel myself healing with every day that goes by. Today is a day to help you let go of all of these mourning emotions that you go through, and honestly I think talking about it helps a lot. It’s not just about being sad, it’s about moving on. And that’s something we all need help with learning.

If anyone does want to talk about anything that’s bothering them, feel free to drop a comment or message me, I’ll be there to listen – you’ve been there for me.

Blessed Be,

Willow xx

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