I trust that you all had a nice Imbolc this year, may it set us on the path for a happy year. Imbolc or Candlemas, (one of the four fire festivals) celebrates the coming of spring and the Goddess transforming from Crone to Maiden – this time of year is great for purification, fertility and new beginnings magick. You may find it useful to cleanse your tools around this time and to time your spells accordingly.

Imbolc is also known as Brigid’s Day – Brigid a Celtic Goddess of healing, poetry, smith-craft and midwifery whom is also a Triple Goddess. Some activities to do on Imbolc include weaving a Brigid’s cross to burn the next year and lighting all the candles/lamps in the house after sunset or ritual for a few moments to celebrate the rebirth of the Sun.

As in all Sabbats, a feast is often brought in to celebrate the supplies of food that are available throughout the year. Although we can get all food at all times of year now because of importing and new agricultural technology, I find that it’s nice to use foods in season or in the stock cupboard when cooking feasts for Sabbats and Esbats.

If you aren’t in the mood for too much cooking or fancy a lighter option, instead of a big roast you could instead use some herbs, meats, fruit and vegetables which are associated with the celebration. For example, a curry or chile con carne would be suitable for Imbolc. However, if you did want a roast then beef or lamb/mutton would be firm options.

Before doing Ritual it’s important to make sure that you have washed yourself, if you bathe it’s nice to use essential oils in the water, frankincense is particularly useful in many rituals. If you don’t bathe but still want to use essential oils, make sure to dilute them before you get them on your skin to prevent irritability and rashes.

Colours that are linked with Imbolc include orange, red and white – representing the sun, fire and purification. There are many different rituals to choose from, all from different sources (as with every other celebration) but it’s something you should choose for yourself, or even create your own ritual as long as it ties in with the Sabbat.

Merry Imbolc,

And Blessed Be,

Willow xx


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