Introducing the Goddess

The Goddess has three life stages Maiden, Mother and Crone. Each life stage has different personality traits and experience (much like in our lives) and it’s good to use this to the advantage of any spells that you wish to conduct, choosing a different form of the goddess to suit the spell. Each form of the Goddess is also associated with a different moon phase.

Triple Goddess Poster Print by Maxine Miller


The Maiden aligns with the waxing phase of the moon. She is associated with youth, innocence and naivety. Her season is spring which represents her well as she’s still growing herself.


The Mother is aligned with the full phase of the moon. She is associated with fullness, vitality and fertility. Her season is summer which represents the many plants and animals that have matured healthily.


The Crone is aligned with the waning phase of the moon. She is associated with wisdom and death. Her seasons are autumn and winter which represents the winding down of the year and the eventual death of it.

Triple Moon

As each form of the Goddess is associated with a different lunar phase, the Triple Moon symbol is often used in rituals, spells and general worship. The Triple Moon symbol (above) is distinguishable by a crescent pointing left, a full circle and a crescent pointing right. This simple design can be decorated however one wishes,  an example would be the simple pentagram in the middle of this particular design.

Blessed Be.

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