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First and foremost, it’s a little late I know but Happy New Year everyone! I hope we all have a good one.

I know I haven’t been uploading much at all in the past couple of months *insert any plausible excuse about being busy here* but I’m hoping to get back to writing and uploading regularly, hopefully every week or so. I’m also hoping to start this book challenge that I found a while ago, and maybe even review some of the books that I read as it’s something I’ve wanted to try out for a while now. (I’ll leave a link for this below and add a button on the website).

But what I wanted to talk about was the amount of New Year’s Resolutions we make each and every year. We want to lose weight, grow our hair, build muscle, stick to our diets.. All these things to make us “better” people; why can’t we ever be happy with ourselves the way we are? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t aspire to have a slimmer body or wear more make up or have toned arms, I’m saying that we shouldn’t lose sight of what makes us ourselves. At the end of the day, there’s no point dwelling on what we can’t necessarily have – and it’s okay that we can’t always have it, we need to look onwards and see what’s important, our family, friends, pets, work, hobbies – anything. Keep to the important aspects in life, and try not to lose them.

Blessed Be,

Willow x


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