Research, Research and More Research

I’m really starting to get through a good portion of these books now. Sometimes I find a good strategy is to skim through them and use sticky notes to label certain parts such as the Sabbats, Esbats, Elements, Deities and so on. This way it helps me to break down the book and if I feel like learning something in particular I can skip to the labelled partition and read those pages/chapters. I still have a lot of books to get through, and goodness knows a lot more to learn but it is something that I will need to persevere with if I want to feel like a true solitary witch.

I will update this post with references to sources that I have used overall (I do not currently have all of my books with me, so unfortunately I can’t reference a few right now but I will do as soon as I have access to that information). This way, I can keep up to date with where I am at with regards to my research and you can seek out these books for yourselves if you so wish.

Blessed Be,

Willow x

Book List

Chamberlain. L., Wicca For Beginners: A Guide to Wiccan Beliefs, Rituals, Magic and Witchcraft, 2014, Occult Shorts

Crowley. V., Wicca, 2000, Thorsons, Hong Kong

Seville. C., Practical Wicca, 2003, Silverdale Books, China

Singer. M., Everything You Need to Know About… Witchcraft, 2005, David and Charles (subsidiary of F+W Publications Inc.), Great Britain

West. K., The Real Witches Handbook: a complete introduction to the craft, 2003, Martins The Printers Ltd, Great Britain

The Mid-Atlantic Lounge (2015) Image of Woman Reading [accessed online] Available from:

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