Solitary but not Alone


I’m sure for some of you reading, if you are a solitary witch i.e. not a member of a coven, it’s sometimes hard to find other like-minded people. When you have other commitments like work, kids (or even pets!) you won’t always have the time to go to events where you would meet people with the same interests or you might not have the same local opportunities where you live.

If this is the case, it can get you feeling pretty isolated. Well, you aren’t alone. Upon realising that myself, that there must be hundreds if not thousands of solitary witches out there going through exactly the same (or at least similar) situations as we are. This started to help me in feeling more confident to continue in the Craft and to openly write about it.

If you are feeling lonely, which is perfectly normal – try to find some way to overcome this; ┬ámaybe by checking forums on Wiccan, Pagan or New Age websites (anything that takes your fancy, really), writing your feelings and experiences in a journal or diary or if you do get the time, to seek out and attend events to meet other people in the community. There are many other ways to help, but it’s entirely dependent on yourself whether or not these will work on an individual basis.

But do remember most of all:

We are Solitary, but not Alone.

Blessed Be,

Willow x

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