To Spell or not to Spell?

So lately, there’s been some really personal stuff going on which I won’t be going into too much detail about, but it’s made me start thinking about preparing a banishing spell. As a little background info, there’s basically been someone upsetting, threatening and generally being nasty to some close family members while we’re trying to sort out and get over other bad situations that are currently going on – to put it shortly, this individual¬†really¬†isn’t helping. It’s getting to the stage where I feel unsafe in my own home, my family are extremely distressed and restraining orders are being discussed.

Now, here’s the tricky part: deciding whether or not to prepare and perform a banishing spell. Obviously, like in all things there are factors to be considered.. Whether or not this will blow over, the individual may (although extremely unlikely) apologise and leave us be, the entire situation could be resolved without any unnecessary spells. However, what if this doesn’t just end quietly? I’m not sure if I could get a restraining order myself as I personally haven’t been threatened, even though it feels like it and it could just get worse and worse…

I’m not sure what path to take, if I stand back and let it all play out I could be waiting a long time meanwhile feeling paranoid and scared for my family almost continuously or if I cast a banishing spell, it could prevent any real resolve to take place.

Hopefully, I can come to a true decision soon but if anyone has any advice please leave it in the comments.

Blessed Be and Wish Me Luck,

Willow x

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